Monday, March 28, 2011

More Pictures of our visit on March 26th

The following pictures were taken by David Sadler, Canastota Town Historian, during our visit on March 26th. More pictures of our visit follow this post.

First floor entrance area.

Not sure whether this is in the basement or not. Looks like a heating duct.

Here is a signature from one of the members of the Stevens family dated November 12, 1905. It shows what the original wall must have looked like. The Stevens purchased Spirit House in 1898. Their daughter Alice, Alice Cossitt (married name), lived there until she passed in 1989. She was the resident to live in Spirit House.

This is a ceiling that shows exposed shows large exposed beams. Some are hewn while others are raw timber logs.

This is a shot of the ceiling showing a metal pipe which we believe connected the funnel on the roof to the cistern in the basement.

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